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    Identifying Overlapping Dates


      I have several units and I need to know what the status of each unit was at a given point in time. The problem that I'm faced with is that some units have two different statuses at the same time. This is a data entry issue that has been occuring for sometime but hasn't been an issue due to the software's reporting where the data is being entered fixing it. The reports generated through that software are very basic and now we're looking to do visual reports in Tableau however the overlapping dates pose a problem.


      I need a way to identify all units with overlapping dates. See below for an example. I've boldened the dates/ units I would need called out in a report.


      UnitUnit StatusUnit Status StartUnit Status End
      1234Notice Unrented8/1/20159/1/2015
      1234Vacant Unrented Not Ready9/2/20159/15/2015
      1234Vacant Rented Unready9/6/20159/17/2015
      1234Vacant Unrented Ready9/16/20159/17/2015
      1234Vacant Rented Unready9/18/20159/20/2015
      1234Vacant Rented Ready9/21/20159/22/2015
      1234Occupied No Notice9/23/2015
      4321Notice Unrented7/1/20158/1/2015
      4321Vacant Unrented Not Ready8/2/20158/15/2015
      4321Vacant Rented Unready8/6/20159/17/2015
      4321Vacant Unrented Ready8/16/20158/17/2015
      4321Vacant Rented Unready8/18/20158/20/2015
      4321Vacant Rented Ready8/21/20158/22/2015
      4321Occupied No Notice8/23/2015