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    How do your organize what cool stuff you've learned in Tableau?


      Hi all,


      So, when you learn something new and cool from developing your own stuff, or creating something nifty to help people here on the forums, what do you do with it?  Do you keep separate workbooks for each cool thing that you learn, or do you compile it all together, or am I the only one who keeps samples of cool things they've learned (I can't be the only one).  Do you just have a folder of web bookmarks that you'll probably forget about in time?


      I was thinking about combining all of my workbooks into one (since all the example/test stuff uses Superstore, or some edited version of it), and putting in a table of contents sheet that has short summaries of the tips/tricks so I can find things quickly within them.


      Does anyone else do this?  How do you store up the fun things that you know you'll want to reference in the future? 


      edited to add: Say you do something particularly cool and complex after lots of research, trial and error, and Google searches.  Are you storing your notes on that in a blog, in a forum, post, or in a Tableau workbook that you can refer to later?