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    Showing Missing Months In A Line Graph

    Michael Gee

      Ok, so I'm a total Tableau Noob so I might need this explained to me like a third grader.  But I a series of data showing all the times a specific discount is applied to a transaction over a one year period.  However, there are some months where the discount was never applied.  When I create a line graph to display the trend, the months where the discount isn't applied do not appear.  The line graph just connects the months were the discount was applied.  In the picture below, the graph connects May '15 and Aug '15.  I want the graph to show the discount was not applied in June and July.   Is there something I need to do to this data in order to get it to show up correctly?





      I should also note that I am currently connecting to the data through an ODBC connection as opposed to manipulating it in a format such as excel beforehand.  Thanks!