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    Export SPSS Survey Reporter .mdd format to Tableau?

    Neil Carlson

      Hi folks,


      We're working with an academic client who has data in IBM's SPSS Survey Reporter format (.mdd) files. Although it behaves like a data cube, export options appear to be for a big ol' flat file only--our CSV is ~200K rows and over a 1.1 million characters in the longest row. The original data format was clearly relational (one row per respondent-survey, many rows per product evaluated, etc.), and we're negotiating for access to the original source. But for now, it's .mdd or nothing.


      Just wondering if anyone has experience with wrangling this format into Tableau, perhaps by passing the big ol' CSV into some other tool for easy reshaping? (We're considering using R and the "melt" package, which has worked well before; but this data will be tricky.)


      Any advice?



      Neil Carlson

      Calvin College Center for Social Research