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    Show Header When "Number of Records" is Zero

    Aaron Mackey

      Hello all,


      How can I display a header when a filter forces no records to exist?


      (I am using Tableau v8.3 until an upgrade mid-November. I mention this because I think a LoD field might fix the issue...)


      I am creating an exception based report. I have a worksheet for "Total Records," "Check 1 Failures," and "Check 2 Failures" which displays the "Number of Records" where something has a "Fail" (using a filter). I want to display all of these on a "Summary" Dashboard and have File Names line up horizontally. The problem involves disappearing File Names where everything passes. The filter forces the header to not exist.


      A sample of my data:

      IDFile NameCheck 1Check 2


      Thank you for your ideas!