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    DATEDIFF with condition - tracking working time

    Piotr Adamczyk

      Hello Tableau Community,


      This is my first post on Tableau Forum. So, I would like to say hello to all Tableau community!.

      Could you help me with one issue connected with DATEDIFF function.

      I want to count working time with start/stop condition.


      My raw data looks like that:

      Zrzut ekranu 2015-11-03 o 11.11.19.png

      We have an ID of workers (Name), type of record "start / stop" and date&time.

      I want to count for each worker length (in hours/minutes) of working time for each day.

      For eg as an output I want to show on the chart worker X in 02.11.2015 works 8:35h so he/she has 35minutes overtime.


      I have tried to count it like below:


      Calc1: IF [Start/Stop]='stop' then 'stop' end

      Calc2: IF [Start/Stop]='start'' then 'start' end

      Calc3: datediff('hour', [calc2] , [calc1])


      When I tried to prepare simple chart it doesn't work. Why?


      Zrzut ekranu 2015-11-03 o 11.19.55.png


      I guess that I have made very simple logical mistake but please help me


      Thanks in advance and regards!


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