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    Highlighting issues

    Alvin Tarrell

      I am trying to get highlighting to work on a dashboard, using one Source sheet and three Target sheets.


      I set it up to activate on "select", so I click and drag over the Source sheet, then expect the Target sheet to update accordingly.


      When set up to highlight the three target sheets go subdued, but nothing else seems to happen.

      When changed to a filter action the three target sheets update as expected.


      Is there something different between filtering and highlighting that I don't understand, or is there any way to tell what is going on in the highlighting version?  (sort of a debug functionality?)


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Paul Mathewson

          Hi Alvin,


          Try adding the field you wish to highlight to your target sheets.  If you don't wish to show that field you can hide it on the sheet or bring it to detail depending on the view you are building.


          Filter and Highlight Actions do function differently.  Filter actions create a set on the target sheet.  That effectively adds the field to the target sheet and allows it to be filtered.  Highlight actions do not add the field to the target sheet and require the field to be present on both sheets.


          Hope this helps!




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            Alvin Tarrell

            Thanks Paul I will give that a shot.  You mention hiding a field on a sheet - not sure I understand how to do that.  Can you expand?

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              Paul Mathewson

              No Problem, Alvin.  You can right click the field when it's on rows or columns and uncheck show header.  That will keep the field data in the view but will not display it. 

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                Alvin Tarrell

                Thanks again Paul.  I did bring the linking field onto all the worksheets, but I had to set in to MIN to keep from messing up the displays.  Not sure if that affected it or not, but I still am unable to make it highlight properly.


                I will ponder over the weekend and see if it comes to me!

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                  Alvin Tarrell

                  OK - still having problems.  My real data is highly sensitive and on an internal-only network (so I can't share it), but I did make up some similar data to play with.



                  I basically start with a list of tasks provided by one of three groups within the organization (Groups A, B, and C).  Each task has a unique identifier, and the Group provides information on each task to include:  (1) the number of contractors, military, and/or civilian workers necessary to complete the task, (2) whether the task support Priority 1, 2, or 3 within the organization (only one allowed), and the mission(s) supported by the task.



                  My job is to provide a tool to rank all these tasks against each other as a means to support staff reductions.  The analysis group devised a means of giving each task a "score" based on a combination of factors - that score (along with the cumulative count of people required to support those tasks) is shown in the line graph portion of the dashboard.



                  My goal is to allow the user to highlight a desired section on the "score" graph, then have those highlights carry over to the right-hand bar graphs to show the impact of the "cuts" on Group, Priority, and Mission area.



                  I can make it work with filtering, but not with highlighting, so I must be doing something wrong!



                  Thanks again in advance for any help!

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                    Paul Mathewson

                    Hey Alvin,


                    I took a look at your workbook.  It seems you're trying to highlight areas that are present in the score graph but not present in the three bar graphs.  For example, the score graph is broken out by Task ID on the x axis.  You could use that to highlight as long as task id was present in the three bar graphs.  You would also want to use the "targeted highlighting" portion of the highlight configuration to point to this field  (Pictured Below).  Another note on highlighting, you cannot highlight on measures,only dimensions like task id or work group in your example.


                    You may want to rethink how you are displaying this data.  I built a really quick demo workbook to show how you could use filtering and highlight actions together with your data.  You would want to think about what measures should be shown and how they should be broken down by dimension.


                    Hope this provides some fresh ideas for you.



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                      Alvin Tarrell

                      Thanks Paul - all great ideas!


                      I really thought the highlighting should work.  The score graph does have TaskID along the x-axis, but all the bar graphs have CNTD(TaskID) as each row, so I was hoping it would carry over.


                      I'll play around with it a little more . . .


                      Thanks again!