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    Can we configure the Tableau Server URL - remove the #?  Identifying mobile access requests query

    John Taft

      Hi guys,


      we are trying to implement some different security around internal and mobile access - so limiting which sites the users can access when they are on a mobile device outside our network compared to what they can see when at their desks.


      We are trying to do this with our Palo Alto firewall, however this is failing as the URL contains a #.  Palo Alto considers this a terminator and so we cannot filter anything past this.


      Our address looks like this:




      Is there anyway we can configure the URL to not have the # character?


      Or is there any other way we can determine how a user is accessing the server (mobile device etc)?


      This seems to be a pretty standard data security concern (what people can access internally to externally) and we would like to do this without having to duplicate licensing costs and have another server setup solely for external use.


      Any ideas or help would be gratefully received.


      Thanks all