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    Mode Calculation; Need to compute modal price for a series of products.

    Andrew Esham



      I've look at the Mode Calculation posts of K. Chandler, Ben Cho and Alan Smithee.  I can't seem to get their suggestions to work in my master table.


      As you can see in the Price Data tab, I have a list of brands by market.  I want to show the average, MAX (High), MIN (Low) and MODE price for each brand.  Tableau does a nice job with the MIN and MAX functions, but I can't get the Mode calculation to work in the Price Data table.


      I followed the suggestions of the earlier posts on the subject and was able to produce a single modal price using: WINDOW_MAX(SUM([Number of Records]))=SUM([Number of Records]) in the Mode Price tab.   However, it will only allow me to create it for one market and just one brand.


      Attached is the .twbx.


      I would appreciate help getting a modal price in the Price Data tab for each Market and Brand.  Your help would be appreciated!  Thank you,