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    Eric Summers

      Hi. My name is Eric and I am a Tableau fanatic.


      I am a Seattle native and have been head over heels for the product since we first met about 3 years ago. I currently work for Novell as a data analyst and have been actively pitching Tableau to my group since I moved here (and subsequently lost access to my prior employer's license). I'm sure they are tired of my incessant comments about how amazing Tableau is, but I am not giving up.


      Four months ago I decided I was going to make Tableau my "One" thing and I ponied up for a personal license. I have been actively training and building viz since then, as my passion and hobby, and I am loving every minute. Each time I build a viz, I find a new way to use the software and love that the learning process is never ending.


      My hope is that we can build a strong community around our common love for data and Tableau. If you don't love Tableau yet, join us anyway and we can discuss and hopefully help with the frustrations you are facing. We are looking for all levels of competency to make this a great experience and benefit for all members.


      Please introduce yourself here and share what you hope to get out of the group.

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          Stats Team

          Hello, my name is Roger and I also am a data addict.


          I live in Provo, but work in Lehi at a software company, eFileCabinet.  We have been growing quickly and never quite fully implemented Tableau.  I'm very excited for an accessible group of Tableau users who have experienced the implementation of Tableau and can help me navigate the process.  My partner in crime, Eric Salas, is also a data nerd and will be attending the first meeting with me.  Thanks for setting this up, Eric Summers

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            Girish Ghimire

            Hi, My name is Girish and I also like Tableau. I have been using it for a year. It will be wonderful to get together and share our experience. Thanks for organizing the meeting

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              Abigail Brooks

              Hi, I'm not located in Provo, but my company does have an office there. I will tell them about the user group! Do you have a location set for next week's UG meeting?

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                Eric Summers

                Hi Abigail. Sorry I missed your message. We are currently meeting each month at the Novell campus in Provo. Here is the address for future reference.


                Novell Inc

                1800 Novell Place

                Provo, UT 84606


                Eastbay Cafe - Mountain View Room