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        Thanks for sharing the article Simon..I will read the same soon.



        On Oct 16, 2015 9:05 PM, "Simon Runc" <tableaucommunity@tableausoftware.com>

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          Alexander Mou

          This is really nice! I didn't know you can manipulate url like that.

          Great work!

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            Joe Oppelt

            Maybe time for another video...



            For the record, the workbook with the excel sheets has to be published on the server (so that there is a URL to point to), and the specific sheets need to be checked on in the published list.  Doesn't matter if they are on a dashboard.  It's really the specific sheet that matters.


            Also, when you click on the icon sheet to activate the URL, it opens a new browser tab, as usual.  But that tab just sits there blank, and (depending on how big the crosstab going into excel is) eventually Excel opens up with the CSV in it.  But I have placed a web page container on a dashboard for other URL actions, and the URL action opens in that instead.  So I'm guessing we could do that on the dashboard where the excel icon is, and the extra browser tab wouldn't happen.


            For now I'm letting tableau open the extra tab in my application.  The excel files for what I am doing are huge and costly, and the user sees that new tab open, so he knows something is happening, but he can also still do stuff in the original dashboard.  I'm not sure if the on-dashboard web page would tie up the dashboard until excel generated, and I haven't played with it to see.  Not yet anyway...

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              Alexander Mou

              Guess that you assumed that the user already opted for letting the excel

              file open automatically.


              On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 11:35 AM, Joe Oppelt <

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                Joe Oppelt

                No, they get the excel (or maybe it's a windows thing) popup that asks if you want to open/save/etc first.  That pops up once wxcel is done generating the sheet and is ready to do something with it.  In my case it takes a few minutes for that to happen.  That's why I think it's better to let the extra browser tab pop up.

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