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    Community Appreciation - Joe Oppelt

    Rody Zakovich

      Hello Everyone!


      In honor of TCC15, I wanted to start a series of Community Appreciation talks for the month of October.


      Each day, I will be writing about individuals in our community who go above and beyond to help solve questions and share knowledge.


      I believe there are several individuals who dedicate many hours (And sometimes brain cells) to help make our community be so great! And I just want to recognize them for there contributions.


      Though I have several people in mind, I don't want this to be solely "MY" appreciation, but the community's. So please feel free to email people who you want to give a BIG Thank You to, OR (If you want to) volunteer to write up on somebody one day this month.


      You can reach me anytime at RodyZakovich@gmail.com


      Ok, now on to some recognition!


      Today I want to recognize an individual whose efforts I reference everyday, Joe Oppelt


      Joe is one of our Tableau Forum Ambassadors, and someone who is really passionate about helping the community. I think we all can agree, having an example workbook makes solving a member's inquiry much, much easy. But not everyone can share their data due to security restrictions. Not having an example workbook can make it very difficult to pinpoint where the error is occurring. Knowing this, Joe did something amazing, he created a video that demonstrates how we can anonymize our workbooks, so that we can share them as a part of our questions.


      Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


      This just shows how much Joe wants to help out the community. He saw an issue that was causing questions to go unanswered, so he went out of his way to do this. Not for recognition, but because it was something the community needed. And that is truly awesome!


      In addition, Joe is constantly helping individuals' inquiries on the forums, and provides very insightful and detailed answers. He is truly an amazing contributor, and someone who I certainly appreciate. On top of all this, he has helped a TON of individuals understand how Sheet Swapping and Popping works with Dashboards. The video he and Matt Lutton created was my go-to resource when I was first learning this technique, and it has been proven to be a powerful addition to creating interactive dashboards.


      Sheet Swap and Pop in Tableau on Vimeo


      THANK YOU Joe for everything you do! Your contributions are what help make this community so great!


      Best regards,

      Rody Zakovich