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    I am trying to combine multiple extracts, but need to keep each extract identifiable

    Dom Armano

      so I set out trying to aggregate data from 15 different sources (all IDENTICAL schema), and create one report that aggregates the data but still identifies each source.


      I was told to create a "Calculated Field" in each extract and name it after the source. This works great until I append the extract with another extract. Each new extract's field is renamed with the original name I entered into the first extract:




      EXTRACT 1= BITS_Extract.tde    CatalogName = "BITS"

      EXTRACT 2= CS_Extract.tde       CatalogName = "CS"

      etc etc..


      I have BITS_Extract.tde opened, I append it with contents of CS_Extract.tde and the CatalogName of record is CS_Extract.tde are all renamed from "CS" to "BITS"


      what am I doing wrong?

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