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    Use date specific calculated results within another date

    James Lockwood

      For example, if I am looking at average margin and my data goes through September but I want to use this figure to project my future data.


      My average margin is calculated by month. For future months (October and on) I would want to just use September's margin. Is this possible?


      I tried a parameter but that is manually entered. I need something that is dynamic so if the data changes and the September margin changes, the future months automatically reflect this.

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          Mark Fraser

          Hi James


          Welcome to the forums! We are currently trying to get all unanswered posts at least a reply...so here goes...


          You can leverage a date and use that in a calculation - how to do it depends on your data.


          Below in Superstore I am returning only Sales for September

          I wonder if you can use this methodology to build out what you need...

          Identify September's sales, cost and the various elements to get margin - work out a September margin and then use this separate field for your future month calculations


          To make it dynamic - you can use TODAY() function in place of a fixed month..


          If you could provide a sample with expected results I can try and take it a bit further...