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    Community Appreciation - Rody Zakovich

    Simon Runc

      Hello Everyone,

      …When Rody contacted me today to ask if I could write up today’s Community Appreciation, there was only ever going to be one name I had in mind…

      and that’s Rody Zakovich himself! (I had planned to post this later this week…but Rody you forced my hand!!)


      ...I appreciate that Rody has only been a member for a relatively short period of time, and being a relative newbie myself (compared to the years of contributions, learning and insights from the 'Tableau Goliaths') I have a more recent slant on things. That being said, I still think Rody has made a huge impact on the community (and I’m sure will continue to do so for many years to come).

      Rody’s enthusiasm, kindness (as demonstrated by his request today to keep the 'community-love' coming, despite being under ‘real’ work pressure!), eagerness-to-learn, combined with his dedication (and no-little skill) has made him one of the great contributors to the community.

      Many times I’ve seen a thread (usually of the complicated nested Table-Calc/LoD variety), where he’s posted an (amazing) answer and then apologized as it will take him a bit more time to fully write up what’s going on and how it works…this in itself speaks volumes (Rody really cares). He has already helped so many people (as demonstrated by his meteoric rise on the leader-board) and when he answers a question, he keeps going until the OP's problem is fully solved, as well as provide them great insights as to why/how the solution works. He’s also started some great, and insightful, discussions.

      How Do You See Tableau's Canvas?

      Let's talk about dashboard design!

      Should I use FIXED or INCLUDE/EXCLUDE?


      These discussions have helped me, and I'm sure many others, gain a much deeper understanding of Tableau, as well as 'bringing' out the 'great-and-good' of the Tableau world to share their thoughts and knowledge.


      I'd also point to his brilliant contribution to 'unpicking' the complexities of LoDs in his brilliant workbook post

      Multi-Level Sorting with Ranks

      and there are many others that are well work checking out


      For a personal point of view….I first encountered Rody, in a post on using ASCII characters to add KPI arrows within a formula…a meeting that I was reminded of in his recent Educational Brain Teaser : Fun with Measure Value Formatting. Immediately his enthusiasm, energy, and eagerness-to-learn shone through. He then contacted me a week later to ask if his response to a question was accurate, and if there was a better way...needless-to-say his response was spot-on, and very smart…I, of course, gave it the ‘yes that’s probably how I’d have done it too’!! [sub-text translation – 'I’d have pinged JD'!!!]]. This approach demonstrates how much he cares about the community, learning Tableau (in a deep JD way), and on giving the best answer possible. It's this want, to reach out, learn, and pass that learning on that the community is all about.


      A BIG THANK YOU RODY...and keep up the great work


      Sorry, as I know your humility means  you feel you are too new for this...Rody you are fully deserving of our appreciation.

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          Alexander Mou

          Great call!


          Rody has made an impact sooner than anyone I have seen in a variety of ways to the community.


          Go Rody!

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            Great call and an amazing amazing write up, Simon! I don't even know where to start when it comes to appreciation, Rody is a genius!!! In such a short time (very understated) he has proved to be one of a kind for the community. I do not think this place would be the same without his presence, intelligence and a very genuine camaraderie with everyone around (no matter the level of expertise).


            He is so passionate about all things data and does prove his capabilities time and again. He is also someone who is approachable and definitely someone you want to ask for help, because he is also very humble and down-to-earth. I truly admire his passion for work and smart workarounds that he often suggests like he didn't try hard at all. Very detailed and easy to understand solutions! Great contribution to a lot of thought provocative discussions and some very valuable calculation reference library workbooks.


            Great job, Rody! You have it all to be all you want




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              Rody Zakovich



              Well, I didn't mean for you to write about me today! LOL But I am very grateful and humbled by your kind words.


              I love this community! The wealth of knowledge of I have gained over the last 7 months cannot be quantified. I certainly would not be where I am, if it weren't for everyone's persistent commitment to sharing knowledge 


              I became a Data Analyst last May (2014), before that.....(Please don't hate me) I was a Technical Recruiter (you know, one of those people who call you and say "Hi [Name], hope you are doing well! Wanted to talk to you about.....")...So, needless to say, when I got the opportunity to start working with data I was very excited, but extremely lost. I had no direction, or knowledge on how to do what was being asked of me. But through it all, the Tableau Community was there to help, and, as luck would have it, I some how managed to not get fired after the first 3 months. Looking back on it, I think things would have gone much differently had I not had such an amazing resource of brilliant, kind and giving people. I owe where I am today to this community.


              So, I just want to say again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone in this amazing community. I truly appreciate everything you do.


              Best Regards,





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                Love Tableau

                What?!! Rody! You started your career as Data Analyst in 2014? Wow!! You are just genius! I am a silent follower of Rody responses for the queries in this community. I never thought u started ur career so recently! I thought u had vast experience in data(thought like 10-15 years of experience). You quickly respond to the questions in the community. You are the one in many. Very few people understand everything so fast like you..

                After knowing about you just want to say you are AMAZING and your story inspires many here who thinks about taking a career which is different from one they are doing now!

                Good Luck!

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                  Rody Zakovich

                  Thank you Pooja, Alexander and LT, I very much appreciated the kind words!


                  I know Pooja will be at TCC15, but will you Alexander or LT? If so, would love the opportunity to meet you in person!




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                    Alexander Mou

                    I will.


                    On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, Rody Zakovich <

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                      Rody Zakovich

                      Awesome! Hopefully we can meet in person at the Community Meetup session


                      It will be really nice to put a face to the name.



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                        Patrick Van Der Hyde

                        Indeed Simon (and thank you for writing this!!).


                        Thank you Rody.  You have been an incredible addition to the Tableau Community this year.  I look forward to meeting in person next week.



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                          Alexander Mou

                          Look forward to it!

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                            Nicole Edmonds

                            +1!!  What I really appreciate in addition to the kind, insightful answers to problems, is the other discussions that really gets outside the nuts and bolts of doing stuff in Tableau, and more into the philosophical realm of data analytics as Simon mentioned.  It's that kind of passion that gets a relative old-timer BI person like me excited again for what's possible. 

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                              Toby Erkson

                              Yup, Rody has been going fast and furious and shows a natural talent for this.  I agree with what everyone has stated so I hope you can keep the enthusiasm going and stay with us.


                              See ya on the 21st, 12:45PM meetup

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                                Erin Gehn

                                Aw, this is so true. I haven't been super active in the forums recently, but when I have posted a question, Rody has been quick to jump in and help me fix my issues. Super awesome in that respect!

                                I'll be there next week as well!!

                                So excited!!!!

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