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    Community Appreciation - Shawn Wallwork

    Rody Zakovich

      Hello Everyone!


      In honor of TCC15, I wanted to start a series of Community Appreciation talks for the month of October.


      Each day, I will be writing about individuals in our community who go above and beyond to help solve questions and share knowledge.


      I believe there are several individuals who dedicate many hours (And sometimes brain cells) to help make our community be so great! And I just want to recognize them for there contributions.


      Though I have several people in mind, I don't want this to be solely "MY" appreciation, but the community's. So please feel free to email people who you want to give a BIG Thank You to, OR (If you want to) volunteer to write up on somebody one day this month.


      You can reach me anytime at RodyZakovich@gmail.com


      Ok, now on to some recognition!


      Today I want to recognize someone who has dedicated an unmeasurable amount of time and effort to make our community great, Mr. Shawn Wallwork


      If there is anyone who doesn't know Shawn, he is one of our Tableau Forum Ambassadors and Tableau Zen Masters (Again for 2015-2016)! And in case you are wondering how much Shawn contributes to our community, just take a quick glance over at his profile.


      10-6-2015 7-46-27 AM.png


      Yes, you are reading that correctly, he over 55,000 points. That is an unbelievable number. Now I can't even fathom how many questions Shawn has actually answered correctly, but I know that 100 Questions Answered badge isn't even close! It truly is amazing how much Shawn dedicates to helping out others. You can see his responses everywhere throughout the forums. I know Shawn's responses has certainly helped me out more than once!


      In addition to all the great work Shawn does on the forums, he has also contributed A TON of Ideas on how to improve the Tableau experience. If you upvoted on an Idea, good chance it was written by Shawn!


      It is for all this hard work, and constant dedication to our community, that I say THANK YOU Shawn Wallwork! We appreciate all that you do.


      Best Regards,

      Rody Zakovich

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          Simon Runc

          Yes Shawn's points tally is beyond comprehension!!...and the number of people he's helped over the years is truly staggering. Also looking at his tally for this year, he hasn't relented!!


          As well as the number of people he's helped, and his vast Tableau knowledge and experience, people might not be aware of just how much 'behind the scene' work Shawn puts in, to make this the community what it is.


          You have probably all got a 'Post a Workbook, please' or 'You need to clearly state your question clearly' from Shawn...this is thankless work, which is done to help educate new members (and remind older ones!) on how best to get their question answered, and keep the content on the community of a high quality. He is hugely passionate about keeping the community the 'open' and 'friendly' place we have today...and a huge part of what we see today is down to him. So a big THANK YOU from me!!

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            Toby Erkson

            Okay, how did I miss this?  I gotta hire an admin assistant...


            ...so I can fire them...


            Anyway, moving on...I've know Shawn since he was a wee lad...okay, well maybe not that long...but I remember him coming on strong, providing all kinds of input everywhere, and the man just hasn't stopped!


            I've gotten to know Shawn through his prolific postings and at last year's conference.  He is a caring and helpful guy with the best intentions; if it was up to him then 1/2 of the population of this forum would be Tableau Ambassadors    Simon is right, much change has been due to Shawn's super-enthusiasm to make the forums a better place.  He throws out suggestions, complaints, and counter-arguments.  He tells things how he sees them and I like his directness.


            Shawn is one of my friends who I met on-line in a business software forum.  So not only can Tableau build a great BI tool but they can build friendships as well and that's pretty cool   Aw, high-five buddy

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              Joshua Milligan

              Shawn is a rock star!


              His was the first name I really started to recognize on the forums.  He was everywhere, answering questions, giving help, and sometimes even gently correcting my wrong answers (see Re: Where Have All the Power Users Gone?).  He is also incredibly encouraging.  Shawn pioneered the weekly digest (Shawn Wallwork « Tableau Forums Digest) and I remember the first time he mentioned me.  I was a new member of the community and it was incredible to feel valued so quickly.


              I was also honored to have Shawn serve as a technical reviewer of Learning Tableau.  His selfless contributions, suggestions, and corrections made that book possible.


              Shawn, thank you for all your contributions to the community - you are a leader of leaders and your contributions are deeply appreciated!


              Bedst Regards,


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                Shawn Wallwork

                Toby, that fluffy pet high-five is great! You're the ? and I'm the ?

                I suspect I'm the overly excited kitty and you're the nonplussed puppy, right?


                "Just as it has always been..."

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Joshua knows he and I are friends. He knows I value him greatly.


                  What YOU don't know is that he has written a wonderful book explaining Tableau in an imminently understandable way! If you are trying to better understand Tableau, and how to master Tableau, then buy Joshua's book: "Learning Tableau." It is one of the better investment you will ever make.


                  (Honestly, I would say this even if he weren't my friend!)

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                    Shawn Wallwork

                    Oh my Joshua, I just followed your link back through time! We have been doing this for awhile now, haven't we?!

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                      Alexander Mou

                      Needless to say, Shawn is a pillar of this great community!

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