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    Community Appreciation: Kettan (Johan)

    Shawn Wallwork

      [Rody I sincerely do not mean to shanghai your community appreciation thing, but might I suggest honoring my friend Johan ....]


      Kettan (Johan) is not only worthy of our appreciation, he's also essential to our community! I suspect some newer folks don't realize the vital (and considerable) contribution he has made to the organization/promotion of the Ideas (feature request) section of our forums. In fact he has single-handedly cataloged and (more importantly) promoted the various Ideas on our forums. He spends most of his time on our forums, suggesting links to Ideas folks might find useful, based on what they have posted/requested.


      This is an incredibly arduous task! At first I thought he would eventually tire of this. Yet years later, he is still at it -- even though he doesn't gain any personal benefit from this. Kettan, doesn't really use T software so much anymore in his work; yet he continues to contribute to our community a great deal.


      Kettan is invaluable in helping us find/promote good ideas. All of us in the Tableau community benefit from his generosity of spirit and knowledge. Kettan's selfless generosity (if nothing else) deserves Tableau Zen Master recognition next year!


      Johan, I am most honored to call you my friend!

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          Rody Zakovich

          I couldn't agree with you more.


          Kettan (Johan) is a vital member of our community. His idea collection, and contributions are above simply incredible.


          Though I don't get to interact with Kettan as much as others members have, I very much respect his opinions and have learned a great deal from his posts.


          THANK YOU Kettan (Johan).




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            Alexander Mou

            Shawn, couldn't agree more! kettan deserves our appreciations very much!


            In particular, he is doing this north of Scotland, east of Iceland and west of Norway in the middle of nowhere, a place called Faroe Islands which I only know of from the European soccer league.


            2015-10-11 19_28_57-Faroe Islands - Google Maps.png

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              Kettan is beyond genuine! It is unbelievable how much time he puts in without expecting anything in return. He is extremely detailed in his responses and his idea collection is over the top. When I first started using Tableau he was the 1st one to encourage me and he has taught me a lot, not only about Tableau but also about helping people with patience.

              Kettan, you are truly amazing (not just in Tableau but an amazing person too)!


              Thanks for all you do!!



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                Simon Runc

                Yes great call Shawn. I don't know where we (or Tableau for that matter!) would be without his ideas collection, which is one of my fave things on the community. The work involved in classifying, tracking...etc, is truly incredible. It has saved me days...as well a stopped me from idea duplication! I also notice how may posts he helps out on, directing people to other solutions, or suggesting ideas to vote up (as well as more Tableau skills than he cares to admit!!)


                Like Pooja I've also learned a lot from from his helpful nature and enthusiasm. THANK YOU Kettan/Johan you are a community Legend!

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                  Joshua Milligan

                  When I first joined the community years ago, there were three individuals who immediately stood out for their dedication and commitment to the community: Shawn Wallwork, Jonathan Drummey, and kettan.  Johan's contributions can not be overstated.  He saw a need to bring order to the growing list of ideas (in addition to contributing many fantastic ideas). 


                  But it's not just the fact that he organizes the ideas and makes them easier to find and correlate, it's the fact that he offers encouragement to those submitting an idea.  It can be daunting when you submit your first idea and you think, "maybe this is a dumb idea; maybe nobody else wants this." But you get almost immediate feedback from Johan which communicates, "Yes, this is valuable. And it belongs with other similarly valuable ideas."


                  Thank you very much Johan for all your hard work and contribution!

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                    Toby Erkson

                    Not much I can add, everyone has pretty much taken the words from my mouth (<-- heehee, for Kettan, because he makes sure people fully understand what is being said within the proper context ).


                    One of Kettan's strong points is that he is pleasant to debate/discuss things with (like Tableau Ideas) because he sees things that I sometimes miss and is willing to plainly explain them to me -- or others -- without making me/them feeling patronized or stupid (mildly or strongly, for lack of a better word).  For example:  I see a pond, a small depression in the ground that is holding water, whereas Kettan sees the ducks on it, the frogs in it, the plants around it, the run-off that feeds it and the stream it produces when it gets too full.