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    Grow your own (OpenStreet) Maps

    Allan Walker

      You want street level detail.

      You want to use open source software.

      You want to style a map without having to hack the TMS.

      You want to label polys, lines and points without dual-axis.

      You want to take advantage of the OpenStreetMap global data set.


      Fully custom aesthetic OpenStreetMap data in Tableau as a background WMS map.


      1. Multi-layers (point, line, polys)
      2. Will work in both filled map and polygon mark type
      3. Labels pre-rendered
      4. Draws in >18ms due to Prewebcache and PostGIS table connection
      5. Global dataset to street level supported
      6. Uses 100% Open Source software



      Blog post here.


      Pings: Dustin, Shawn, Christian, Andy, Steph