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    Need a Time Interval calculation that provides data between 8:00 AM (Yesterday) to 8:00 AM (Today)

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear Tableau Lovers,


      Could you please help me with my below question?


      Question :There are so many jobs which starts at 8:00 AM (Last Day) and Ends at 8:00 AM (Today). So I need to create a Time Interval Calculated Field that provides a Data between 8:00 AM (yesterday) to 8:00 AM(Today). The Time Range Should be between 8:00 AM -to- 8:00 AM. I am not able to achieve this. Please help me .I tried to find the similar question in the Forum and found one link but not that useful to me.Attaching the Sample data .

      You can use Column1: Snapshot_time or Start_Time and End_Time from the attachment .

      Tableau Forum Useful Link:How to calculate business hours/minutes between two dates?

                                                        Relative Date: Last 24 hours data- Start : 7:00 am, yesterday - End: 7:00 am, today


      Note: Need a Dynamic Approach that should automatically filter my DateTime between 8:00 AM (Last Day) and Ends at 8:00 AM (Today)


      Dimitri Blyumin