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    Exceded max inbound connections VW

    Lazy Rambler



      We are getting this error of exceding max inbound connections. OUr DBA says that there is a restriction of around 600 connections, which was not exceeded.


      I was reading about this in the Actian community and this what people say:


      The outbound gcc limit on the server needs to be as large as the inbound limit for the gcc on the database server. Also make sure the system is not caching connections past your network connection limit.

      How do we make sure of this? Inbound and outbound are same and tableau server is not caching the connections?


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          Toby Erkson

          That looks like an error that came from the db and Tableau Server is just echoing what it "hears".  Thus this appears to be something your Actian dba needs to investigate.  You may need to tweak your Tableau Data Customization (.tdc) file that governs the ODBC connection if it's something that can be controlled by Tableau (record locking is a common example where a .tdc file is useful).


          Can you use the native "Actian Vectorwise"?  (I never heard of Actian so I don't know)

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            Lazy Rambler

            Thanks Toby


            So, the reports which are being used by the consumer are are coming out of connections made to Tableau server.

            (created data source using the native Actian VW and then published the source to Tableau server and then used it to create the report)


            But, inherently it still used the data connection to Actian vectorwise. I did check with the DBA and he tells me that the connection limit is 100(only 4-5 people use these reports, so I'm not sure if those many connections are formed, unless each query uses a conenction)


            I'm not sure how to tweak the tableau data customization file though.

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              Toby Erkson

              I really have no idea


              Here's a thought:  Could it be that the connections are not being terminated properly and thus are remaining open until the db forces them closed?  If true then could the dba change how long a session can remain open before the db forces it closed?