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    Auto-resizing when double-clicking stacked bars

    TMCC Office of Institutional Research Fleming

      Hello, I recently posted a viz at Workbook: Fall2013CensusDivisionDashboardTwoTabs


      for my work.  I have a couple of stacked-bar charts in the tab named "Enrollment".  I have an "action" set up so that when you click on a bar belonging to a scholastic department, you are taken to a data table for that department.


      However, I noticed that when you double-click on a portion of one of those stacked bars, the chart auto-resizes to zoom in on that portion of the stacked bar.  Then I see a small house icon in the upper left corner of that panel.  When I click on the house, the panel returns to normal (see screenshot).


      Anyway, I don't see this function in my desktop Tableau--I only see it online.  (I'm using version 8.0.3).  Is there a way that I can disable that double-click-zoom option when people are using it online?  I'm afraid that it will cause some confusion.



      Jim Fleming