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    Bar chart based on certain criteria dealing with dates.

    Cameron White

      Example data set:



      Project 13PAC Date3/25/2015
      Project 13Base Warranty6/25/2015
      Project 24PAC Date4/25/2015
      Project 24Base Warranty5/25/2015
      Project 35PAC Date5/25/2015
      Project 35Base Warranty6/25/2015
      Project 41PAC Date6/25/2015
      Project 41Base Warranty9/25/2015
      Project 52PAC Date7/25/2015
      Project 52Base Warranty10/25/2015


      I am trying to create a vertical bar chart where each bar represents the amount of units active within a specific quarter.


      For units to be active in a quarter, the PAC date must be before or during the quarter and the base warranty date must be during or after the quarter.


      Since each bar represents a quarter, I need to allow the user to select which quarters to display.


      I think I am going to need to manipulate the data with SQL first but I haven't figured out how I need to get the data structured yet.