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    Action filters and quick filters that persist

    Tim Fauber

      I have a landing page that is a initial dashboard, I contains action filters that take you to a second dashboard called the LIST.


      There are 7 different action filters.  These are strange filters, they may contain one or more elements, they cease to apply after you leave the LIST page (there is a toggle parameter to do this).  I can place these action filters on the LIST page they are interesting to look at and give you a notion how tableau works, but you would not want the users to use them, cause they are weird in that they list tuples in their drop down.  But they are what cause the initial page to display only those rows the user choose(action) from the initial dashboard.


      I did put single element filters along the top of the LIST for certain columns, and I can cause them to have drop down that only show the values from the current list, or I can cause them to have drop down of all values in database.  What I would really like is to have them dropdown with all the values in the database and already have tick marks on only the values in the list. But sadly that doesn't seem possible.


      so I am going to make our dropdown only show values in the list, and teach/inform the users to clear the filters to see all rows, by clicking the 'revert all' button on the tool bar. 


      But this creates a new problem, if the user clear the filter then slice and dice the rows to say JOHN and WYOMING, when they return to the initial landing page, JOHN and WYOMING are still active filters on the LIST page.  if the user click MAINE, they will go to the LIST page and see no rows  WYOMING and MAINE isn't possible.


      What would be cool is if an explicit 'revert all' occurred when ever the initial landing page was presented. That would clear any persistent  filter on the LIST page.   Anyone know how to do that? Do I need java script or something?


      sorry I can't include my twbx, the data is sensitive to my client and it would be tedious to de identify everything.