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    Extracting a twbx for specific client data for sharing on Tableau Reader

    Naquiyah Cash



      Wonder if this is even possible or if there is a simple process to share client data with only their info using twbx shared file for them to open in reader.


      I have created extracts on the server that are used in our visualizations published to the server with all company client data. For a user to pull one of their client's data onto a twbx for just that client's data currently they-


      • Login
      • Download the whole workbook with all company client info
      • From the menu bar select Data, Extract, Add their client name filter to the data source and extract data.
      • The steps above are repeated again for each data source connection.


      This is a bit of a tedious process when the users are doing this for a few clients so that they are not sharing other clients data.


      Is there a simpler way of doing this? its got to be twbx for them to open on reader.