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    Building a Tableau Model using Parameters

    Ray Campbell

      I would like to use Tableau to build a model that lets a user manipulate a number of inputs, in this case the various parameters of a service contract (length, rate, amount, various discount tiers, etc..), and show a visualization of total revenue and total expense over five years, and also the net present value of each stream.  I envision a line or area chart, and five or six (in this particular case) drop downs and radio buttons.  Instead of filtering data from a data frame, it's just the relationship between the inputs that produces the output.  Can I build such a thing in Tableau?  I can build it in Excel, so I guess I could change a variable in the spreadsheet, save it, switch to Tableau and refresh the view.  And I guess if I knew more about writing formulas in Tableau it would be possible to do it that way.  But, now I'm rambling.  If anyone could point me in a sensible direction, I'll go off and do the necessary work.  Thanks.