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    Educational Brain teaser - Fun with Formatting

    Nicole Edmonds

      *Edited - Workbook attached now*

      Hi All - I am sure this will be a snap for the Zen Masters, but I was tasked to accomplish this in one of my dashboards, and in working through it, I thought it might make a fun "Intermediate" Brain Teaser.  Starter workbook is attached. The end goal is that the user can pick 2 lines to compare, which are emphasized by color, while the rest of the lines are de-emphasized.  Additionally, the labeling on the line end points needs to be dynamic with the month/year selection.  (so no annotation) The end result should look like this:


      Teaser 1.JPG


      And then if you switch the dates:


      teaser 2.JPG


      I am also mostly curious about other approaches to this problem.  In your comments below, please rate the difficulty from 1 (Very Easy) to 5 (Very difficult).  I realize this is subjective based on level of expertise. 


      One problem I did have difficulty getting around in this, is in the case of overlapping lines, so that no matter what is selected, the non-emphasized lines are not in front of the emphasized lines.