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    Multiple Values in a Calculated field derived from a parameter field

    Hector Green

      Hey there,


      I am deriving a calculated field from a parameter field. The parameter field I create is called as Customer_Segment and it has three drop downs (Gold, Silver and Bronze). Now when I do a show parameter control on the parameter field I see all the three values as drop downs. Till now we are good. But that is not I wanted. What I am trying to do is to create a calculated field using this parameter field and when I do that and then do a quick filter on the calculated field what I get is just one value in the drop down. The value that is shown here is the CURRENT Value that is pointed in my parameter field. I tried changing it but it don't have any options to make the change.


      In short my question is can we have multiple values in a calculated field that is derived from a parameter value.