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    Extract API as a task which can be controlled thru Tableau task manager

    daniel lim

      Hi all


      I have 2 data source (let's say A and B)  from different server and I want to make UNIONed data source with those so that other work books use UNIONed data as data source.


      I understand that there is no easy and convenient way to do it with basic functions of Tableau, so I am trying to solve the issue with Python Extract API. ( bringing in another ETL layer seems to be big burden for me, because just UNION is all I need)


      I can build a Python file to UNION on those files, but I am not sure if I can control API job thru Tableau tasks control.

      A and B are also tasks to be refreshed thru Tableau task control, and I want to run Python execution file after A and B are executed.

      Is there any way to control Python code thru Tableau native task control panel, such as registering python code file as a task to tableau?


      Or is there any other way to solve the issue, even if not it is Extract API.


      Thanks a head,