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    Font Rendering Differences for Text Boxes & Worksheet Titles on Tableau Server


      After recently publishing a new workbook to Tableau Server, I noticed a curious font rendering issue affecting text boxes and worksheet titles.


      To help explain the issue, I created and published a new bare-bones dashboard and then took a couple of screenshots.


      In the first screenshot below, there are 3 rows of text. The first row is a text box. The second row is a worksheet title. The third row is text from a calculated field inside the worksheet. In all 3 instances, the text has been formatted as Verdana / 12 pts.

      Verdana 12pt Font with client-side rendering.jpg

      As you can see above, all 3 rows of text look the same but only look vaguely like the Verdana font.


      In the second screenshot below, I have added "?:render=false" to the URL to force Tableau Server to use server-side rendering. While the change in rendering did make the worksheet text appear more Verdana-like, the text box and worksheet title text has the same un-Verdana look as in the first screenshot.

      Verdana 12pt Font with server-side rendering.jpg

      So, how do I make Tableau Server render the text box and worksheet title text in the same manner as the worksheet text?

      I am currently using Tableau Desktop 9.0.4 and Tableau Server 9.0.3.