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      • 45. Re: Map Utility Downloads
        Eldan Goldenberg

        Richard Leeke,


        Thank you so much for making this, sharing it, and putting so much time into helping people out even though it's not "supported" in any official sense.  I've been having further adventures in unsupportedness, because I'm a Mac user, but I've managed to get this working on my setup.  If any of the following are of interest to you, I'm happy to share what I've learned and try and contribute back to the project:


        1) I've figured out how to use TabGeoHack in a Windows VM, but get the geocoding imported by Tableau running native on my Mac, so I don't need to stay in the VM for the rest of my work.  If this is relevant to anyone else at all, I'm happy to write up instructions.


        2) Although #1 has been enough to get me up and running, I'd love to try my hand at making a Mac-native version of TabGeoHack.  I have to be honest here: I'm not sure I know enough to make it work, but I'm interested in trying.  Would you be willing to share source code with me so I could see what I can make of it?


        3) In a similar vein, I'm finding that Unicode characters in the geocoding file get lost when I import, and I'd love to try fixing that.  Again, this may be beyond my skills, but I'm game to give it a go if you're comfortable sharing source code.


        4) And finally, your docs mention not being satisfied with GDAL's shape simplification.  I've been using mapshaper to simplify files, with quite good results.  Specifically, it has flags to do things like avoid creating gaps between shapes, and it's a bit smarter about combining nearby points but not losing visible features like peninsulas.  I'd be willing to try adding mapshaper command hooks to TabGeoHack, though this would mean that users would have to install one more prerequisite.

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          Richard Leeke

          Hi Eldan


          Interesting ideas. I'll email you and we can discuss.



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            Juracy Americo

            Hi Eldan ,


            I'm interesting to learn how you running native on Mac, I have a mac as well and this is relevant to me.Also how you use mapshaper.

            Everything Richard Leeke did or you are trying to do is beyond my skills, but if there is something that I can help with, please let me know.


            Thank you

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              Nasrin Ahmed

              I want to understand after the import of custom geocoding, when I run the Shapes command what tool is being used to create the LocalData table.

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                Richard Leeke

                Not quite sure what you mean. It's just embedded SQL within the tabgeohack utility.

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                  Nasrin Ahmed

                  I was trying to copy what you did using Alteryx and I managed to get till creation of multi-polygon geometry and also get the data written out to an excel file.

                  However while writing to ODBC connection to firebird sql I am facing some problem, I believe Rod Light Rod Light also asked the same in http://community.tableau.com/message/242199. Now I am trying to write into the geocoding.fdb file, so I was wondering if you had twerk with grant permission.

                  • 51. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                    Eldan Goldenberg

                    Juracy Americo Richard Leeke I finally have instructions for using this on a Mac up: http://community.tableau.com/message/425663


                    Sorry this took me so long.  Just as I was about to post this initially, v9.1 came out, and that broke the integration I had worked out.  The good news is that this updated version is more standard, so it works on 9.0.x and 9.1 and shouldn't need any changes if you switch Tableau versions after setting it up.

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                      Juracy Americo

                      Eldan, this is great, I´ll test it soon, thank you very much.

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                        Cindy Sui

                        Hi Richard,


                        Thanks so much for building these wonderful tools. Incredibly useful.


                        I've been having some trouble with the last step of tabgeohack. Using tabgeohack version 2.0.6 and Tableau 9.1 to import custom geocoding for US Media Markets, everything has run without error, but in the end, I am only getting dots at the centroids of the Media Markets, instead of Filled Maps.




                        Also getting this error when I try to convert Marks to Filled Map




                        Attached are my shapefile and .yml file. Please help!


                        All the best,


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                          Shawn Wallwork

                          DMAs are NOT a supported filled shape in Tableau.

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                            Jeff Strauss

                            Shawn, even though DMA's are not supported out of the box with Tableau, if you have the shape assets from ESRI, the tabgeohack tool can be used to add the needed info into the internal Firebird database that Tableau leverages.  We have done this for DMA with version 9.0, we haven't tried yet with 9.1

                            • 56. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                              Cindy Sui

                              I got my DMA shapefiles to work as custom geocoding in Tableau!!


                              I started from scratch (i.e. deleted previous TabGeoHack and GDAL Mapserver files from my computer), used TabGeoHack 2.0.3 (instead of 2.0.6) and all went smoothly.


                              So not quite sure what went wrong the previous round -- whether it was the new version of tabgeohack not working with Tableau 9.1, or user error, but happy to report that my project is rolling along.

                              • 57. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                                Jeff Strauss

                                interesting, dumb question perhaps, but how do you check what version you're using?

                                • 58. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                                  Cindy Sui

                                  Open tabgeohack.txt in your TabGeoHack folder and it should tell you what version you're using!

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                                  • 59. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                                    Richard Leeke

                                    Just catching up on this - I've been off the air for a few days.


                                    Out of interest I had a go with tabgeohack version 2.0.6 and Tableau 9.1 using your files, Cindy, and it all worked fine for me:



                                    Is it possible that you just missed doing the '--shapes' step the first time you tried? That would give the results that you saw.

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