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      I'd like to know about how moderator works.


      When I type English and attach images in forum, the posts are approved.

      But when I type Japanese and attach images in group today, the post has always been rejected.


      Does moderator work differently on different languages?

      Or does moderator work differently in forum/group?




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          Mark Fraser

          Hi Lei


          As you may have noticed we are having a real issue with spam at the moment within the forum.

          The spam has been mainly in Korean so I believe the moderators have been adjusting/ playing with the settings, sometimes successfully and sometimes not!!

          To assure you... its nothing personal, or language/ location specific - its purely to try and prevent this spam activity.

          Its like whack-a-mole - we fix on gap, they find another (or several!)


          I am copying in Tableau Community for information and in case they have any additional information.


          The forum ambassadors (of which I am one) are working behind the scenes (we all have very sore hands!!) to try and reduce the spam as well as prevent future occurrences - this is a very much a work in progress!!


          I personally find its ruining the forum and hope we find a solution ASAP!


          Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience




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            Donna Coles

            ahhh - that explains the torrent of emails I'm constantly getting for the last 2 days!  Am going to modify my settings on the TabWiki so I don't get the content for now.  Would appreciate if you could update this thread when you think its fixed.

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              Hello Mark,


              Thanks. I can understand the situation.


              I'll try edit and repost later.




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                Mark Fraser

                But when I type Japanese and attach images in group today, the post has always been rejected.

                This may also be me being a little quick/ keen with the moderation - apologies

                This is what it looks like... at the moment, its not the only page...

                While I do make every endeavor to not reject normal content I occasionally make a mistake, particularly Japanese (or similar) as its not so obvious in the list.... along with the spam

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                  Oops...God bless your ambassadors' hands.


                  Well, Korean, Japanese, and also Chinese look similar

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                    Mark Fraser

                    I had hoped to contribute more with the keyboard and actually help people rather than moderating with the mouse - hopefully it will be resolved soon.

                    Well, Korean, Japanese, and also Chinese look similar

                    They do to me, but I'm uneducated.

                    Its really that they just get lost in the volume, there is always a little unwanted activity on the forum but its the scale that is causing the issue.

                    This for example is much more obvious...

                    and moderated

                    Also for us, its the time period - there are more moderators on US time than EU/Asia - we are trying to change this

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                      Just so you, I tried to create an idea in  Getting Started in the Forums  as a response to your comment, but seemingly not allowed today. I have a feeling it is related to current spam activities.


                      Instead, I share it below as a comment so you know about it and also so it is ready whenever I am allowed to create ideas again.


                      New User Indicators



                      Show number of days between 1 and 30.

                      If account is deactivated because of multiple spam posts, a spam forbidden sign is shown and or text saying that the user is deactivated because of spam.

                      New User Indicator.png



                      So helpers quickly see if a user is new and adjust their answer accordingly.

                      A spam forbidden sign of deactivated because of spam makes it easier not to mark real posts as spam.



                      Show Most Honorable Badge Under Avatar

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                        Rody Zakovich

                        Hey Mark,


                        And all other Tableau Ambassadors!


                        I know you all have been working very hard behind the scenes to try and get these spam attacks off the Forums.


                        So I just wanted to give a big Thank You!. I'm sure it is quite annoying having to go through them all.


                        Best regards,


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                          Mark Fraser

                          Thank you Rody...


                          We are all doing our bit (not just the ambassadors - thank you anyone who has flagged content/ deleted spam!!) to try and keep it down, the real hero from the ambassadors is Toby Erkson (that is just since 1st July...)

                          and its not the only moderation activity we do...

                          there is There is even more but I hope you get the idea!!

                          Who would be an ambassador?!?!


                          @kettan - great fantastic to have you back - sorry, I'll get to you!

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                            Toby Erkson

                            In the above chart, the blue is posts that were approved while the orange are rejected posts.  So when a new person makes a post and they see the message that their post was sent but won't display until approved by a moderator, that's one of our jobs.


                            As Tracy and I have found, there are spam posts in English as well, they just aren't as common.  Thus I scan the location of the post and any I'm not confident about I'll open and quickly scan the text.  It's pretty easy that way to determine if the post is legit or not.  However, when the spammers are posting 2-6 times every 15 seconds or so, some things may get over-looked.


                            To be honest, the only reason my scores happen to be so high is because Mark was on holiday during a couple of days where the spammers hit us hard -- I had three screens open that I was using to mark and moderate spam!  With Mark back ,my job has gone back to being easy again so thanks Mark! (btw, you can never take vacation ever again, okay? ).  Mark is closer to the spammers time zone than I so he can get to them early and keep the forum pretty for y'all faster than when my Pacific time zone **** arrives

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                              Toby Erkson

                              kettan, due to the software being used I don't know how possible your Idea is.  For example, on other forums I'm in, the admins can set limits so, for example, if someone has three of their posts tagged as spam then they cannot post again until an administrator lifts their ban...or else deletes their account.  The current version of forum software apparently can't do this...however!...it is supposed to be getting updated soon and improved spam counter-measures will be added.


                              Because spammers could be doing recon here we really can't get into detail about anti-spam measures.  The admin team is doing the best job they can with the limited tools they have.  I know Patrick has been investigating anti-spam measures on Jives software forum.  I also have texted Patrick and Diego when I got over-whelmed so both of them deserve kudos for going above and beyond their normal working hours to help out these forums!

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                                Nicole Edmonds

                                Glad the moderators are doing their best to curb the spam!  I've also noticed that at random times my posts have be moderated before being published.  I love participating in this community, learning things, etc., but this gives me the impression that I have said something wrong in the past.  Is it just a random thing to have comments moderated, or are people being selected purposefully?  Because if I've done something that's against the rules, I would want to know what that was. 

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                                  Toby Erkson

                                  If someone "breaks the rules" they typically get notified one way or another, there's no secrets.  The forum admin staff is just a little short this week (I'm not sayin' Diego is short...I haven't met him yet ).


                                  There are rules that limit how many posts can be made during a given time period, deny a post based upon certain words, etc. that can be turned on or off or adjusted.  During off-administration hours the settings are set to more aggressive anti-spam measures and that's affecting many of us.  It's because of the spam attacks that security has been dialed up, that's all

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                                    Prashant Sharma

                                    I just back on community after a long time & saw spams & spams only. Today within an hour I reported around 50. I can not see my community like this. I will moderate it whole day now.


                                    BTW, Can we create a button to block a user or report it as a spam?


                                    Warm Regards,

                                    Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn

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