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    Issue with Tableau on IOS

    Vladimir Patsionov

      Hello everyone. We've encountered such a problem . We have some reports on Tableau server which are sent through subscriptions to TOP managers. Some of them receive these emails on iPad or iPhone and when they click on report screenshot in email they cannot access Tableau Server  - even after entering their logins and password for several times. We've also found such workaround - http://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/unable-to-sign-in-to-tableau-server-safari-on-ios  , but you know it is not good to explain to TOP manager that he or she has to edit web address. So my question is  - Is there a way to change a hyperlink that is assigned to report screenshot at the moment when subscription sends an email? Because if we could change this link and add "?:embed=yes" to the end of hyperlink, I suppose it could solve this problem.


      Thanks in advance for your answers.