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    format Y axis correctly

    Austen Robinson

      I have a chart that the Y axis needs to be set to 0 to 100%.  Also I need to add the percentages to the stacked bar chart this refers to.  I have tried several ways to do this but it keeps messing up my chart.  I would attach my chart but every time I try to do it I get an error message.  What format is acceptable for attachments?

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          Simon Runc

          hi Austen,


          If you right click on the Axis you'll get am Edit Axis option. Here you can manually set the range (in your case from 0-1), and have other Axis Label options.


          In terms of showing the %ages, we can do this but would need an example workbook to get you an exact solution to your data structure.


          The way to post here. If connected to a Live database source, create an extract (if Excel or csv then you can ignore that bit), in the File Menu select Export as Packaged workbook (this packages up the workbook and data into a single file). Click on the 'Advanced editor and add an attachment' in the top right of the edit message pane here, and at the bottom you'll now find and attach option. Attach the packaged workbook (.twbx) here.


          Hope that helps

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            Austen Robinson

            tried attaching the twbx packaged workbook but get the message not allowed. 

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              Toby Erkson


              It may be because you are new and thus your messages go through moderation.  We've also had some spam attacks here so the automatic moderation rules may have been turned up a notch.  You may need to email your workbook to Simon* and then he could post it for you.  Once you have a couple more posts you should then be okay to post attachments yourself.



              *Simon is a Tableau Ambassador and thus a trusted member of the Forums here.

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                Simon Runc

                ...There is a 30MB limit, but guessing your file isn't that big!


                Can you screen-shot the error/not allowed message.


                ...good point Toby!...Happy for you to email it across to me, you'll find my email in my profile

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                  Austen Robinson

                  I got it sorted out.  Found a youtube video that helped a lot.  Dont know how to mark these solved but if someone could please do that it would be great.

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                    Simon Runc

                    hi Austen,


                    Thanks for emailing over...


                    So the issue you had here was the 'Compute Using' setting. As the % of Total is a Table Calculation, you can define how to run it (as you can imagine this makes these calculations very flexible). Tableau has an (educated!) guess when you set it up, but on this occasion it was set to Table Across, so the %ages are calculated as the % of total by Set Member.


                    By changing this to Table Down, you get what you need. I've also then brought this field down onto the label shelf, and that labels your bars.


                    Hope this helps, and makes sense...If not please post back

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                      Simon Runc

                      If you hit the correct answer, in the bottom left of my last post (assuming this is the correct answer!), that will mark it correct, and close the question.

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                        Austen Robinson

                        Excellent!!!  Thanks a bunch.    Cheers.

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                          Austen Robinson

                          Not sure you could point me in the right direction for this or not or if

                          you can even do it in Tableau.


                          I need to produce a PDF for each person that is something like this

                          although I have discretion to change the format.  Have all the data just

                          not sure how to present it in the best way.  Dont know how to compare like

                          the two charts in the screen shot below.





                          On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 11:20 AM, Simon Runc <

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                            Simon Runc

                            hi Austen,


                            In terms of getting 2 charts together for comparison, as per your image, you can create the 2 charts in separate worksheets, and the place them both on a dashboard.


                            From here you can expose a quick-filter (on the dashboard) for 'each person'. If they then had Tableau Viewer (Free) they could change the quick-filter to themselves and then generate a PDF.


                            If you have Server, here is a post on how you can generate a pdf for each element in a filter


                            Automatically print a single dashboard multiple times based on a filter


                            On desktop, I've heard that it is possible, but difficult.