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    Fixed LOD - value not "duplicating" as expected when looking by dimensions

    Nicole Edmonds

      HI All, I am trying to attached a packaged workbook illustrating my problem, but when I click "Attach"  I get an error that "the content type of this attachment is not allowed", and I assure you it is .twbx, and the data source is just an excel workbook.  Not sure what's happening there, but I've already written up the below so maybe someone has an idea - 


      What I am trying to do is calculate a percent of the amount that is "TRUE" by product, and date.  So to start, I created a Fixed LOD calculation with the following:


      {FIXED [Date of Thing],[Product]: SUM([Amount])}


      To I get the expected results, I threw  the original amount measure, and the fixed sum Amount measure to ensure that the fixed sum amount was duplicated across the True False  Condition, which I have on rows.  What I get is this:




      What I am expecting to see is the 1,447,207 to be the same for each True or False condition, so where is this 46,862 coming from?

      Additionally when I filter on "Model" the values for fixed Sum Amount change, even though I am not specifying "Model" in the LOD calc.


      I feel like there is something I am missing here.  In the final set I want to use for my viz, I don't want to have the True or False condition on columns/rows but rather the % of true to display per product.  So I was thinking I would have the True False Condition on filters, filter for "True" then the % would calculate correctly, but I'm seeing this oddness making me not so sure.  I've read that "EXCLUDE" is good for % of totals, but I haven't found a way to make that work in my scenario.  Any ideas?

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