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    Window_avg calcuating wrongly




      I have a calculated field called AvgCalc




      CASE [Non]

           WHEN "Average" THEN Avg( ifnull([CRF  Date]- [Visit Date],ToDay()-[Non CRF ]) )

           WHEN "Max" THEN Max(Round(ifnull([CRF  Date]- [Visit Date],ToDay()-[Non CRF ]) ))



      and now


      Windows_avg(AvgCalc).  But i am getting wrong datat while calculating...

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          Bora Beran

          Can you check addressing/partitioning (compute using) settings?  You can access them from the pill context menu -> Edit Table Calculation. Window_AVG requires you to define the correct window to get the correct results. e.g. if your avg calc is at City level but you want to Average it one more time to State level then you would need to set your partitioning to State from Advanced... menu in compute using setting.