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    Community Health by Legislative Dashboard: Thoughts?

    David Vaamonde

      Hi all,


      The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association used Tableau to take on the tough project of educating Virginia legislators on key population health metrics that affect their constituency. I've been working on this Viz for the past three weeks and we officially launched it on 8/10.


      What do you guys think? I'm open to any comments/thoughts/questions that you may have. This is my first time using this TUG.



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          Bob Skaggs

          Great work David!. The subject comes up frequently whether Tableau can create performance dashboards. I have to explain to people Tableau’s answer for this is different. It doesn’t come with any preset templates or calculations for that purpose, but rather applies a bake-from-scratch philosophy. This allows users to compose elements on a dashboard to display whatever custom performance metrics and layouts they want to show. Your dashboard is an excellent example of applying content and style to target a specific audience.

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            David Vaamonde

            Thank you so much, Bob. I agree with your point on Tableau's bake from scratch approach. It has really opened my mind to ideas of how to display hospital data. My next step is going to be a "scorecard" for hospital performance metrics. I appreciate the time you took in crafting a your reply. I've forwarded it to the rest of my team. Best,