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    How to get Selected Label value like we use getSelectedMarksAsync() to get all selected Marks

    Debanik Saha

      Hi Team,


      I am stuck in a requirement where I have to fetch the values on Clicking of a Label. I have gone through all the examples but didn't found any similar functionality.


      1) go to http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/samples/en-us/js_api/tutorial.htm

      2) After initialize, go to Events Tab

      3) Click on the 1st "Run this code" button.

      4) Click on any right side colored BAR (for ex - Canada Bar), this will display all the values for that selected Marks

      5> But if I clicks on the "Canada" LABEL only, it is giving me a blank popup.

      This is same for all the Label.


      I have attached a snap of this. Please have a look so that you can have a better Idea on my requirement.


      Is there any way to get the value @ Label Onclick?

      It would be a gr8 help for me if you can provide me any solution to fetch those Label value.


      Thanks in Advance!