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    Tableau Installation/Upgrade - Tablicsrv not a valid win 32 application error

    Nagarajan R

      Hi All,


      While installing or upgrading Tableau server to 8.3 i get the "Tableau Initialization failed" error. tabadminlog file says has below description


      com.tableausoftware.tabctl.dll.Exception: Unable to start service 'tablicsrv': (193) %1 is not a valid Win32 application


      Because of this error i am not able to complete installation/upgrade


      Also i found this technote related to this error but did not resolve my issue


      Resolving "Tablicsrv is not a valid Win32 application" Error Message | Tableau Software


      Note installation is on D drive and not on C Drive. I am not able to find "program" file like mentioned in the above tech note


      Need you help please!!!