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    Issue with Calculated Field

    kushwant singh

      Hi All,


      I am trying to find a count of a category which I have prepared using a calculated field but I am not getting it.


      I have prepared a calculated field called "Adherence Category" from % Adherence.

      Now I am trying to calculate the number of CSR's present in each Adherence category for their respective Managers but I am not getting it.

      Please see below screenshot of the sample which I am trying to achieve, This is simple in pivot table :


      Count of CSR NameColumn Labels
      Row LabelsExcellentPartially SuccessfulSuccessfulUnsuccessful(blank)Grand Total
      TEAM A169622
      TEAM B165618
      TEAM C173718
      TEAM D1103519
      TEAM F2114219
      Grand Total640252899


      Please advise how can I create the same in Tableau.



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          It seems like the fomula was throwing off your calculation. If you change the calculation to:


          if ([% Adherence])>0.95 then "Outstanding"

          elseif ([% Adherence])>=0.93 and ([% Adherence])<0.95 then "Excellent"

          elseif ([% Adherence])>=0.9 and ([% Adherence])<0.93 then "Successful"

          elseif ([% Adherence])>=0.86 and ([% Adherence])<0.9 then "Partially Successful"

          else "Unsuccessful"



          this gets rid of the nested IF/THEN calc you previously had which is not really needed.


          If you then place manager on rows, the new formula I provded above on columns and right click and drop CSR name on text mark on the marks type (select CNT in the pop up) should get you what you want. See sheet 7 in the attached 8.3 version WB.






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            kushwant singh

            Hi Pooja,


            Thanks for your reply.


            What you have shown in the above snapshot is the count of every record and what I need is the overall performance of the CSR.

            Suppose a CSR has 30 records and his/her overall Adherence % (avg) is more than 95% then he/she should be Outstanding.

            That was the reason I had taken AVG([% Adherence]) in the formula.

            Currently what your table is showing the performance for every record and not at aggregated level.


            I want to see on an average how many CSRs are under those brackets for respective Managers.




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              Ok, I get it. This would become increasingly easier with access to tableau 9.0. Do you have access to Tableau 9.0?

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                kushwant singh



                I am using Tableau Version 8.3.