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    Can't add/update SharePoint 2013 list via OData in Desktop - Error 500

    Nikunj Dani

      Hi Everyone, I was able to successfully setup an OData connection to a SharePoint 2013 list. It worked and  I was able to pull in the data from this list without any issue. I then made few changes (added new columns). I then tried to refresh data withing Tableau Desktop the data and I get this error. Note, I am trying to refresh data within the Desktop and not on the server. It should work..

      Tableau Error 1.png


      To test further, I created a new list on the same SP site with exact same settings as the one that gave me error and I am able to sync data with that list without any issues.


      I looked at few articles online to see what this error is about. It looks like it is related to security. I don’t understand why I would be able to add the list with “None” authentication the first time. In fact, I am a separate list from the same SP site still working perfectly fine..


      Looks like Tableau support team does not support OData connection issues. I have seen others facing similar error. Can anyone help?


      Thanks, Nick.

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          Nikunj Dani

          I have no idea why but I tried to refresh my connection today and I get this error. I have no filters enables on my list. Anyone know what could cause this?

          2015-07-23 23_08_55-Tableau.png

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            Robert Mooney

            Did you add columns to the list in SharePoint, and then the extract stopped working?  If so, does the list start working again if you remove those columns?


            I don't have a quick answer for you, since I've been researching SP -> Tableau interaction myself recently.  Not a lot of docs on it, especially on the SharePoint side.


            I will say this -- take your OData link (for SP 2010 it looks like https://sharepoint..../sites/.../listdata.svc/, it may be something else for 2013) and plug that directly into a Chrome browser.  If Chrome shows you a fully-formed, no-error XML (assuming you are using the listdata.svc) of the entire list, then the SharePoint is probably working normally.


            If the last line ends with something like "An error occurred while processing this request," then you've probably got some kind of invalid column or characters on the SharePoint side.  What exactly those might be, I don't know.


            Internet Explorer doesn't like to show mal-formed XML feeds, so I just use Chrome for this kind of test.

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