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    Show trend line from undisplayed data

      I'd like to have my trend line populate from, for example, June 1st, but only show data points starting in July. Is there a way I can show the trend line from more data than what is shown? Thank you!

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          Shine Pulikathara

          The trend is evaluated based on the marks in the view or based on your selection, so I think this is trickier than it seems. Perhaps someone else on the forum might be able to come up with something more straightforward, but here's what I ended up doing. Hope this helps!


          I used the Sample Superstore dataset to create an example of what you may be looking for:

          1. Dragged Sales and Date onto the Rows and Column Shelves to create a line graph

          2. Create a copy of Sales field and moved that to the Rows Shelf as well

          3. Right click on copy of Sales and select Dual Axis

          4. Created trend line for the copy of Sales and adjusted the Color transparency of the marks to 0%

          5. Created a calculated field "Show Date" that evaluates to "Show" if the date is within 36 months of the current date, else "Hide" but you can adjust based on your own rules

          6. Drag this calculated field on to the Color shelf for the Sales line graph

          7. Edit colors setting "Hide" to White, so it looks hidden on the chart