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    Used DATEPARSE, having issues with AM/PM

    Kishan Balar

      So I had to use a DATEPARSE formula to convert a date that was only being recognized as a string into date/time. When doing so, those times that started with 00 should have become 12AM (i.e. 00:12:34 should be 12:12:34AM) and those that start with 12 should be 12 PM (i.e. 12:35:15 should be 12:35:15 PM).


      The issue that is occurring is that times that start with 12 are not being made 12PM, they are just staying 12AM. Does anyone know how to fix this issue keeping in mind that I had to use the DATEPARSE function.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


      P.S. the DATEPARSE formula I used is DATEPARSE('yyyy-MM-dd-hh.mm.ss.',[Call Start Timestamp])


      I have been reading online about the DATETIME formula but am unsure if that can work here and how it would work with the DATEPARSE calculated field I had to create.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks.