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    Batch File For Tabadmin Cleanup

    Connor Singerline

      I am having an issue with the new version of Tableau 9.0.1 where I need to run tabadmin cleanup daily or else several gigabites of data will be stored on my server slowing things down and often leading to crashes if not taken care of regularly.


      Can someone help me write a batch file script to accomplish the following commands that can be run every morning using task scheduler to avoid future issues?


      Tableau is said to be releasing a patch fix from this issue in 9.1.0 but it is an issue we are dealing with currently.


      Scripts to run:


      cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.0\bin


      tabadmin cleanup





      I would appreciate anyone's help who is familiar with writing batch files.


      Thank you,



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          Connor Singerline

          Here is the batch file I created and I was able to set this on task scheduler to clean daily.


          Also there is a fix for this issue in the 9.0.3 release but I have already found a bug in that release for parallel queries in live reports using multiple data sources and tables.


          batch file:



          cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.0\bin


          tabadmin cleanup

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            Donna Coles

            Hi Connor - are you able to expand more on a) what the issue was you were experiencing in 9.0.1 which is resolved in 9.0.3 and b) what issue you've found in 9.0.3.

            We're trialling 9.0.3 at the mo, haven't found any issues and plan to upgrade in a couple of weeks.  Anything I can explicitly check for would be useful. Thanks

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              Connor Singerline

              Hello Donna,


              A)  The issue I was experiencing in 9.0.1 was that the size of my hard drive would become significantly lower every day. For example on Monday the free space would be about 68gb, the next day 62gb, wednesday 50gb, and when we returned on the next Monday people were having the issue of Tableau Server no longer working.


              I checked the server and disk space was full. After further research, Tableau Server would stop responding and need to be restarted due to an excess of INFO messages being written to the zookeeper log file. This is now in the release notes for Tableau 9.0.3 which has now been fixed.

              See: http://www.tableau.com/support/releases/9.0.3#Tableau-Server


              B) The issue I found in 9.0.3 is still being researched by the Tableau Development team. They have come up with a work around to solve the issue which I will send you the cmd script for in case you experience the same issue. We have a live report that accesses information changing at least one time per minute. This report pulls for 5 different data sources from various different tables. When we upgraded to 9.0.1 the report completely stopped working and had to be rebuilt. After rebuilding the users of this report were frequently not able to see the report and received error messages.


              The error messages were due to a problem with parallel queries running at the same time. (This is a new feature in Tableau 9 that is supposed to speed up performance.)

              The development team thought the problem would be fixed by upgrading to 9.0.3 but this was not the case.


              We solved the issue temporarily by disabling the parallel queries feature which is new to Tableau 9.


              Here is the cmd script to disable parallel queries for Tableau server 9:


              - tabadmin stop

              - tabadmin set native_api.connection.limit.sqlserver 1

              - tabadmin config tabadmin start


              Here is the cmd script to re-enable parallel queries if the problem is solved:

              - tabadmin stop

              - tabadmin set native_api.connection.limit.sqlserver -d

              - tabadmin config tabadmin start




              Hope this helps!


              Connor Singerline

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                Donna Coles

                Brilliant, thanks for the details info Connor.  I'd seen other threads that were related to the zookeeper issue, so hopefully that now won't be an issue for us.  The v9 performance improvements are incredibly important for us, and have seen evidence on some of the reports tested of the parallel processing in action and all ok.  We don't have any connections to data sources that change so frequently so fingers crossed we don't hit this one, but thanks for the script regardless. Much appreciated. Donna