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    Customizing the Tableau Server Login Screen

    Vien Hua

      First and foremost, this is unsupported and will revert back to default upon upgrading or reinstalling. If stuff breaks, you're on your own so take a backup first!


      The file that needs to be modified is C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\8.3\wgserver\z5\WEB-INF\app\views\shared\_login.html.erb. Upon opening the file, look for the HTML tag </table>.


      There should be a blank line below the </table> tag. This is where you can add your custom HTML stuff. For example:


      <p style="color:red;font-size:14px;>Welcome to my Tableau Server! Maintenance occurs daily at 3:00 AM and during this time Tableau Server will be unavailable.</p>


      Once you have made your edits, save the file and then restart Tableau Server. This will produce the following:



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