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    Is there a way to set display times in presentation mode rather than having to click?

    Brien Twomey

      I have a completed storyboard in Tableau and I want to be able to display this content on screens around my office. What I am looking for is a way to have my graphs and charts scroll through both automatically and continuously so that others in the office can view them. I know that I can take screen shots of each of my images and put them into PowerPoint or something of the like, but the ultimate goal is to have the screens that are set up around the office constantly scroll through these reports and graphs I have created as well as have these same graphics be automatically updated or have an update run on them once a week.


      Any suggestions or alternatives are welcomed, my only option as of now is taking stills of my reports and uploading those images into PowerPoint which is not what I want to do. Also, my workbook is not published on the Tableau public server and most likely this will not be an option since it concerns more sensitive company specific information.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance!