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    Same color for all members of color legend

    John Victor

      We've built a regression chart with a line plot of the various elements going into the regression.


      Our users need a legend so they can see how each line compares to the regression. But they've also asked that all the lines be the same color blue, instead of the default Tableau 20.


      I created a default palette with a single color, and assigned it in the chart. But we realized when changing the filters, the palette was only assigned to the elements that weren't being excluded by the filter. The other elements still use the default colors.


      It's easy enough to select all in the filter and assign the color. Or change the default color for the dimension itself. But we're concerned that as we get new data elements in the dimension, they'll have the old default color.


      Will that happen, or will the new palette always get applied to new data?


      If not, how can we have the dashboard always dynamically color all the elements the same?