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    Strange R results in Tablaeu for Sentimental Analysis

    Hari Prasad

      Dear All,


      Problem with sentiment package in R is it is not good in using negation. I used following script in R and it perfectly handled emotions with greater accuracy.




      tweet<-"not bad"

      data.frame(jsonlite::fromJSON(postForm("http://sentiment.vivekn.com/api/text/",txt = tweet)))[2]



      But the moment I tried to use it in Tablaeu, All I can see is negative as emotions! Even for possitive like "Iphone is good phone" or "not bad". Perplexed and confused on same code how can return different results? Any help here?





      jsonlite::fromJSON(postForm("http://sentiment.vivekn.com/api/text/",txt = .arg1))$result$sentiment',ATTR([Text]))