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    Upcoming Hands-On Tableau Training, Iron Viz Competition, and Listing for Analyst Role at REA

    Stacy Sterling

      Hi all,


      I'm so looking forward to the long weekend!  Hope you all have fun plans.


      A few quick things:


      Tableau is running four free half-day training sessions on the 17th and 18th of June.  These sound like they may be more geared towards beginner users, but I always learn at least 1 or 2 good tricks even from basic sessions (like the performance evaluation tool!).


      Sign up at the following links:



      Secondly, at the roadshow Nigel talked about the Tableau Customer Conference in Vegas this year.  I went to the one in Seattle last year and it was inspiring, educational, and fun.  It's really worth going to if you can convince your company to get you there--but if you can't, you could also try entering the Iron Viz Feeder Competition.  The winner will receive airfare and accommodations in Las Vegas during the 2015 Tableau Conference, a conference pass, and a spot in the 2015 Iron Viz Competition.


      And lastly, we've just posted a mat leave contract role at REA for a Competitive & Marketing Reporting Analyst.  They don't mention Tableau in this job description, but I think you could do some really cool stuff in this role with Tableau!  This would be a really great position for an analyst who's good at communicating & helping people understand what the underlying data means.  Feel free to reach out to me if you've got any questions about the role, or if you are interested in applying.