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    Peer certificates

    Ivett Kovács


      When I want to publish the workbook to the server I get this message:

      "Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificate "

      Anyone has any idea????


      Tableau cert_error.pngH

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          Mark Fraser

          Hi Ivett


          Have you seen this article?



          ps. I moved this question to Server Admin as its more likely to get answers there!




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            Ivett Kovács

            Yes , I have already seen that article :( Thanks your help!!!!

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              Mark Fraser

              AH! Then for this I have nothing... But the question is in the right place for answers

              Best of luck, interested to know how to fix it now...!

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                Damien Lesage

                This is most likely due because a root certificate isn't in the trusted certificate of your computer.

                Most likely your certificate has been generated and signed by a third party that basically determined it's secure. If the certificate third party is not trusted, you'll get this error when Tableau Desktop try to connect to Tableau Server.


                There is two ways to solve this:

                • Add the root certificates in the trusted certificates.
                • Add the certificate chain file to the SSL Tableau Server configuration (which is compulsory if you want it to work with Mac)


                First one can be done by you directly (you might need to be an administratot of your computer but not 100% sure here).

                The second solution is better according to me as it will work for any PC / MAC in your company.


                Let me know if you or your IT needs help to apply any of this solution.



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                  prasanna ravi



                  I have gone and checked the SSL chain addition on server side, all three certificates are in place. But still I am facing this issue - funny thing is that I am able to login from a windows machine, problem is only from mac. Can you explain about what the root certificates are? and where I can find them

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                    Mark McGhee

                    We did have some issues regarding certificates with the Yosemite (10.10.3) and certificates.  Is that the Mac version being run?


                    If so, there was a workaround posted in the forum regarding that issue but there are now fixes available in the latest maintenance releases of Tableau Desktop which just got released last night:


                    Release Notes | Tableau Software


                    Please review the Release Notes since the preferred method to address the issue would be to upgrade to one of these newer maintenance releases, rather than the workaround we posted previously.

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                      Damien Lesage

                      If you did the SSL chain addition on server side, you should know what are the root certificates.


                      You can see the chain for your certificate with your browser. For example, for google.fr using Chrome, I'd see the following chain (yep, this is in French, sorry ):


                      In the chain file on server side, I should then have the certificates concatenated in the following order: *.google.com -> Google Internet Authority G2 -> GeoTrust Global CA.


                      I guess you should check first what Mark McGhee have said about the issue as this seems like a likely cause.



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                        Ivett Kovács

                        Thank you guys so much!!!