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    Table Calculation referencing previous row and current row data

    Eric Decker

      Hello All!


      I’m trying to add a table calculation in a crosstab that will compute the current row’s Total Parts multiplied by the previous row’s First Pass Yield (where applicable) minus the product of the current row’s total parts and current row’s First Pass Yield.


                      i.e. Calculation2 =(([Total Parts] * ([First Pass Yield] of previous period)) - ([Total Parts] * [First Pass Yield])


      Unfortunately I cannot add the packaged workbook since the data is sensitive, but all the information is included in the screen shot with the examples of what the results of the calcs should be. I’ve dabbled with some default calculations and playing around with computing by table down, pane down, etc but I can’t seem to quite get the numbers where I need them.




      Any help is much appreciated!